The Independent Route

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Music Business, Tips

My personal oppinion is that, in 8-10 years max, you won’t be able to sell your music for a living anymore. People tak about having 100 000 plays on youtube meaning nothing if you can’t sell your album or book a show. If you have 100 000 plays on your song, or ANY video on YouTube you should already be rich, but I’m not even talking about those numbers.

My point is that, if music sells have been steadily declining over the years and will continue to do so, that is not the case with other lines of products. How would you do that? The answer has been floating around for years – PROFESSIONAL BRANDING.

The principle is the same as in TV, Sports or whatever other field makes money from that. You partner up with a company who are interested to sell their product and you bring them customers by displaying their name on your album cover/single cover/website/whatever. The point is the fan plays your single on your website – they see your partner’s name.

I’m not saying go out and try to partner up with Pepsi, Nike or Ecko, but smart companies who are trying to get their name out their will always be looking for ways to advertise on the Internet. You just gotta hit the right company up, the kind of company who’s target audience would be interested in your music.

Who wouldn’t want 100 000 people looking at their logo/company brand while listening to your music ?

How do you get 100 000 people checking your music without a record label or investing a lot into promotion? It all comes back to what I first wrote: quality and knowledge on how to get quality.
More on this later.


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